Your #TinPodShuffle for Sunday, August 13, 2017:

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Welcome to the weekly shuffle of tunes from my iPod to keep you company during your Sunday putters. There used to be links to reviews & info & stuff but I’m on hardly-work-to-rule for the summer.

Your #TinPodShuffle for Sunday, August 6 , 2017:

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The 7th song in our weekly playlist for your Sunday putters warns about staying online too long, but they surely didn’t mean you. Or this.

Your #TinPodShuffle for Sunday, July 30 , 2017: 

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Your weekly playlist for Sunday putters.
NB: If you’re a Trumpster you’ll probably call the first song #fakemusic. Also, wtf are you doing here? Get off my blog ya dick.

Trump brilliantly skewered in new song from Todd Rundgren and Donald Fagen. Not #FakeMusic

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Your #TinPodShuffle for Sunday, July 23 , 2017:

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Your weekly hour of music for your Sunday putters.

No links; I’m still on summer hours. But I had time to draft the following facetious note:

Broken Social Scene is a Toronto-based music collective. It had 19 members at last count, although attendance is not taken and administration is lax so no one knows for sure. I mention this because when someone brags that they know someone in a band, usually they are lying. If, however, you know anyone in Toronto, anyone at all, odds are they actually are either in Broken Social Scene itself or a friend, partner, relative or co-worker of someone who is. Don’t judge.

Your #TinPodShuffle for Sunday, July 16 , 2017:

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Sorry, no links. On summer hours 🙂

Your #TinPodShuffle for Sunday, July 9 , 2017:


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