Kathleen EdwardsVoyageur    7/10

A SHARP TONGUE and incisive writing has carried Kathleen Edwards for three albums of limited musical merit, bringing more critical notice than sales. Voyageur, her latest and first in three years, is a fresh start.

Critically, Voyageur has a few hackneyed themes and while new co-producer (and amour)  Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) smooths out many of the players’ rough edges, he has a detachment as a producer that, in this case, amplifies Edwards’ own tendancies. But these are serious singable songs chocked full of Edwards zingers – ”See me smile. It’s not for a funny joke” – and you’ll find a THIS IS SO ME! one for wherever you are or aren’t in a relationship. Buy the album; show we’d still love her even if we saw her naked.