Nanci GriffithIntersection      9.5/10

ANNUAL BEST OF lists often skip artists who continually make quality albums in favour of the flashy new things and comeback kids.

An exception for 2012 should be Nanci Griffith, who’s 20th album may also be her best.

Intersection is certainly the most personal, both cathartic for her, as is the trend again these days, and purposely empowering for listeners. Griffith is an Americana hall of famer with 20 popular albums to her name because she knows you reach people in different ways. So Griffith’s personal journey is exposed with originals and covers in a range of Americana: ballads, bootstamping anthems, singalongs for driving, hooks for country radio, bluegrass…each sounding like an instant classic. She’s a marvel, she really is.

UK release: Feb 20       US release: Apr 10

UPDATE: By request (and with permission), here are three more from the album: