STAGGERING. Of the many accolades pouring in for Joe Pug, that one word says it all. It is staggering that, at only 26, his name is cropping up in sentences about the great songwriters of our time. His raw talent is staggering; his drive and his conviction inspiring. And yet, admirably, he remains a humble, approachable man (which, after meeting his father recently, I can tell you he comes by honestly)

Joe Pug will rock you to the core like no one has since the early days of Dylan. His Messenger was one of my Top 10 Albums of 2010, and he says his next, The Great Despiser (Apr. 24 release) is even better.

Here’s three to listen to from my Remembrance/Veterans Day post, two of which are referred to in the interview below. His site has all kinds of info and free downloads.

And now lets listen to Joe. I caught up with him at the launch of his Great Despiser world tour last week (Feb 21) at a small club in Manchester, UK: