Aimee Mann – Charmer       6/10

AIMEE MANN set out to show there is still a use for those leftover 70’s synthesizers, and thanks to engineer Ryan Freeland, she has.

A commendable signature of post-Til Tuesday Mann is every album has it’s own clear focus. Charmer, her first in four years, is a capable collection of songs about those sly-eyed charmers you know better than to trust but inevitably do anyway, played to a Blondie-meets-Cars guitar pop groove. AIMEE SAYS:

Drums, guitar, piano, synth, bass, vocals, backing vocal dubs and harmonies all threaten to compete for attention, but Freeland watches his levels like a hawk and keeps it crisp and clean. I’d hope to see him on the Grammy stage next year.  Charmer video