Ray Wylie Hubbard – Grifter’s Hymnal …. 8/10

RAY WYLIE Hubbard had a chip – well several – on his shoulder when he made the deliberately rough hewn Grifter’s Hymnal: “Adding an accordian or mandolin don’t make it Americana,” he tweeted during recording. So he dipped way down into Texas red dirt and made an album about making music. It’s for people who prefer Small Faces to Fleetwood Mac [Hen House] and Neil Young with Crazy Horse [NY Eve at the Gate’s of Hell].

“We recorded it with an attitude kinna like eating with our elbows on the table & not using napkins,” he said in a twinterview.

Hubbard is disarmingly redneck; he reads poetry, he goes to AA meetings and he hauls his own equipment around. And percussionist Rick Richards is going on my ballot for musician of the year at the Americanas this year.

Buy advisory: Oh yeah.