We Are Augustines – Rise Ye Sunken Ships       9/10

IMAGINE growing up, mostly in care, with “a drunk for a mother and a saint for a brother”, James, who killed himself in a mental facility. That’s Billy McCarthy’s backstory.

tried the Bible/tried the bottle/tried the needle/I’ve tried it all

We Are Augustines ticks all the boxes of a young, indie band. Staccato drums. Lots of guitar. Angst. But the material is way too mature, too probing and too disturbing for the young uns, which may be why it took two bands and five years to bring it to life.

Lord I see red/it’s storming in my head/I’ve got cathedrals in my ears/and I think my daddy’s dead

Top marks to producer Dave Newfield [Broken Social Scene] for holding it back from maudlin, and to McCarthy for – Fallon like – hiding brilliant lines in melodies.