Kim Richey – Thorn In My Heart   7/10

kim richey thorn

There’s no arguing that young Kasey Musgraves has raised the bar exponentially for sharp rhyming in country songwriting. Pithy is in. Trite is out.

Nashville/roots veteran Kim Richey can still find safety in cliche on her latest, but also proves up to the new writing standard; Something More‘s “I’m sitting in the middle of the wrong place/with a drink in my hand and a long face” is a couplet for the ages, and London Town approaches Roger Miller sharp.

Sharper yet is the playing. It is organic-fruit delicious; ripe with soulful, nuanced and inventive playing from a skilled and patient crew. It is mellow, bluesy, mournfully country, with hints of jazz and even a trumpet (London Town). Not a dud performance or producer decision in the lot.

Richey, who has always refused to be constrained by a ‘country’ tag, has nonetheless just raised the musical bar for Nashville. Over to you Kasey, et al.

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