To promote Suburbs, Arcade Fire created an interactive video which made use of Google Earth to make it seem like a music video was made in your neighborhood.

reflektors on colbert

Easily found in America 🙂

This time they formed a ‘new’ band, The Reflektors, and went on a mini-tour of ‘secret’ appearances to promote their new album, not co-incidentally called Reflektor. Last week Reflektors Will and Win Butler appeared on The Colbert Report. “We’re Canadian but we lean more towards BTO than Arcade Fire,” they said. “They are a bit pretentious,” Colbert suggested. “Yeah,” Win nodded.

The Reflektors then ‘covered’ new Arcade Fire song Normal Person – a big, bold, crunchy Neil Young-style grunge rocker (It tends to overpower the album, but whatever)