“In the heat of a summer night/In the land of the dollar bill…A man named Al Capone/Tried to make that town his own….The night Chicago died/And they talk about it still.”

No, it wasn’t that night, and they don’t talk about it still. Mrs O’Leary’s cow didn’t kick over the lantern that started the Great Chicago Fire either.

 [Ken Burns documentary available on NetFlix in a country near you: Al Capone didn’t swoop into Chicago from New York with muskets bursting one night and die in a heroic hail of gunfire with rival gangs. It was indeed a bloody era and Pacino, oops, Capone was once arrested in the heat of a summer night, but that was years before the infamous St Valentines Day Massacre (in frigid February), Chicago was a minor mob market and it was syphilis, in Florida that finally shot Capone down. He did go to prison for tax evasion, in a plea bargain.]

Paper Lace wasn’t the first band to mince and mingle history and topical styles and think “we can get in on this”, but kids, stay in school. Go home and listen to records, dance and play along with them badly. You’ll get ideas, but if they are marketing think of the military, the Jesuits or your Dad