This week’s Spill blog letter challenge asks for an eclectic mix of songs by bands and singers who start with the letters X,Q or Z.

Mike ZitoThe Dead Of Night: A top modern bluesmen
Natalia ZukermanLittle Bird: Great guitar; angelic, Raittish voice
Quaker City Night HawksFox in the Hen House: New 70s southern rock
QueenKeep Yourself Alive: My first stereo record! The guitar going between speakers delaying me learning there were not miniature people inside
Quiet LonerThe First To Fall: aka UK’s Matt Hill. On the funeral of a friend who committed suicide l, from his 2010 five-star thoughtful folk album Spectrology.
Sam QuinnSuite Motown: Everybodyfields still going strong solo
Warren ZevonExcitable Boy: No one sounded more like a novelty act and was one.
XYour Phone’s Off The Hook, But You’re Not: What a debut by a great overall band. Gotta have punk the week the last Ramone dies
XX: Whatever their sound is, it’s gripping and rousing.
ZazDans Ma Rue: What’s she saying? Je suis un personne ne pas savoir; it sounds a bit naughty and so, so Parisian. *rouges*
ZombiesTobacco Road: Classic British Invasion cover of John Loudermilk classic
ZZ Top & John Lee HookerBoom Boom: A perfect blues rock pairing