The Delines – Colfax (2014)
willy vlautin

Willy Vlautin

One night while on tour with the band Richmond Fontaine, backing singer Amy Boone got drunkenly courageous enough to ask frontman Willy Vlautin to write her an album – and he didn’t say no. Instead, intrigued, he went to work shaping a fictional life for Boone in Colorado and assembling an all-star Portland band to tell the story.

Boone’s character, for it is a literary work, is a restless soul with responsibilities. She has a war vet brother with PTSD who regularly goes missing, a husband who works out of state on the oil rigs, and a boss who checks her till in front of staff when she cashes out.

Vlautin, who also writes short stories and novels, insists he’s not in the league of American realists like Faulkner, Cormac McCarthy or his hero Raymond Carver, but this a rich portrait of how millions of the working poor in America live, and the slow bluesy delivery is flawless.