Parker Millsap – Parker Millsap (2014)
parker millsap

Like many a young man today, Parker Millsap expresses himself through pop culture touchpoints – people At the Bar are in Wizard of Oz roles; nursery rhyme characters are Quite Contrary on drug corners. He yearns to be a good man when he grows up, asking a lover to Forgive Me for not yet being a full man and promising another he won’t be The Villain who ties damsels to railway tracks.

Much like fellow Oklahoman John Fullbright [Songs, 2014], Millsap is making Americana relevant to post-teen Holden Caulfields. He deftly uses humour, self-awareness and catchy rockabilly to poke at all the emotional conflicts of being, as he explains it, a largely happy person trying to keep adulthood from becoming a lifelong melancholy melody.