Beth Hart – Better Than Home (2015)

 josh groom photo
josh groom photo

‘Re-imagining’ Billie Holiday is a bit of a trend, again, and nothing wrong with that. But let that not keep us from celebrating a nowadays ‘lady who sings the blues’: Beth Hart.

Better Than Home is a cleansing step in her addiction recovery; personal, honest and raw. The standout, Tell Her You Belong To Me, is about her Dad leaving with another woman and shouldn’t leave a dry eye. Play it in a mix with the best of Billie or Etta or (my fave) Sippie, and it isn’t out of place.

Popular overseas, Hart started becoming better known in her native America after teaming with Joe Bonamassa in 2011. She’ll be even better known when she sweeps the major blues awards for song, performer and album this year.