Mother-May-I_coverMother’s Day doesn’t feel the same to everyone, understandably, because we’ve all had different childhoods and adult lives.

Some of us have lost our Moms. Some of us had/have a strong and saintly Mom; others not so much. We’re parents and grandparents now, most likely, and from time to time can be heard to helplessly exclaim “surely I didn’t put my Mom through this!” even though you probably did. 🙂

This is my tribute to Moms and their sons and daughters; a playlist of songs about Moms from many perspectives and genres of music: Beth Hart, Bill Withers, Roy Forbes, Lori McKenna, Steve Earle and his son Justin Townes, Holly Williams, Dr John, Chocolate Genius, Alela Diane, Sean Rowe, Angel Haze*, Otis Taylor, The Decemberists, Gretchen Peters, and Ani DiFranco & Utah Phillips. * NSFW

It runs about an hour, which is just enough time to RUN UPSTAIRS AND CLEAN YOUR ROOM BEFORE YOUR FATHER GETS HOME.