joe 2015I’m not a guitar solo guy, but I enjoyed concerts by SRV and Buddy Guy (and Quinn Sullivan!) and have been listening to Joe Bonamassa for years so I was excited to see him despite the premium price.

He started with a blast of light (right) and a blistering guitar solo. Very good start; glad I was there. We got a quick “Hello Vancouver” as he launched into song #2, song #3, song #4….and so it went for exactly an hour. Not one bit of audience interaction. He played like we weren’t even there. At the end of the hour we got a “thank you Vancouver”, band introductions, and one last guitar solo.

I recognized one song despite knowing his catalogue pretty well. If the man has any warmth or charm to him, he sure didn’t share it with us. Being a guitar wizard doesn’t cut you enough slack to mail one in for the paycheck.