Lyrics Born – Real People (2015)

Lyrics BornReal People is a bright, catchy and playful album that will pair well with summer BBQs.

Lyrics Born’s warm, smooth voice is nicely offset by a variety of guests and fantastic New Orleans horns. Listening becomes a bit of a – sometimes infuriating 🙂 – mind teaser; who does this chorus remind me of?, is that a Sly Stone guitar?, oo oo it’s Tom Jones, no Barry White, no wait; did that come from The Tubes?, Beastie Boys?, hey is that Cee-Lo (no, It’s Ivan Neville), oh wow a Fine Young Cannibals song (it isn’t), OMG Bill

The Japanese-American Lyrics Born and his frequent partner Lateef are ‘alternative hip hop’ upstarts from California, and true to their state’s reputation, aren’t fussed much about boundaries or labels. Good one, fellas.