Jason Isbell – Something More Than Free (2015)

jason isbell 2015Jason Isbell’s last album, Southeastern, was a brave reckoning of his drinking, drugging and catting around and the pain of quitting. The songs were raw, bold and deservedly celebrated.

So now what? You’ve reformed and repented. What does life look and sound like now? Better than Southeastern, Isbell has notably tweeted.

‘Now what’ is living mindfully, as it is popularly known, or with ‘bare attention’, as it is known to meditating Buddhists. Psychiatrist Mark Epstein explains: “It allows us to observe the many individual ‘frames’ that make up the self-created movies in our minds, to separate one’s reactions from the core events themselves.”

This is how you savour life. This is how you face challenges. This is how you connect, really connect, with others.

This is how you learn to live.

This is 24 Frames – the speed (per second) you film at to make people look the most ‘real’, and the album’s lead single.