california 1FULFILLING A friend’s request for a California songs playlist was a bit like listening to Hotel California; the heady beginning lures you into a seemingly bottomless pit of choices until, in the end, you find it really is such a lovely place (such a lovely place) after all.

Hope it wakes you up in the middle of the night just to hear it play.

01. We are what we watch (Kardashians). 02. La la la liking LA 03. The Ray Davies of San Fran always swings for the fence 04. Young love on Santa Catalina island 05. The summer of ’68 at Frank Zappa’s Laurel Canyon house 06. Fun, fun, fun til Daddy has like totally a fit ya know 07. California is everything they say it is 08. No Mamas, just Papa John and a mother to be 09. We don’t know we need Tom until we hear him 10. Breaking up in 42 minutes and four movements of classical/progressive-bluegrass fusion. Only in California.

“WHOA,” YOU SAY, “you left out…”. Patience, Grasshopper. A hand can not hold every pebble. When it is time, you will know.