Lucinda Williams – The Ghosts Of Highway 20 (2016)

Everyone greets their mortality in different ways. Aging legends Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Buddy Guy – even Phil Collins – seem desperate to write their own legacy before they go. Others more selflessly share their personal journeys in ways that help us put our own houses in order.

“Scared I’ll get what I deserve, or maybe scared I won’t,” the once wild John Hiatt wrote in Terms Of My Surrender (2014). “But I can’t negotiate the terms of my surrender.”

Continuing on from Spirit Meets The Bone (2014), Lucinda Williams takes Highway 20 through Georgia, her childhood home and the setting for her 1998 breakout Car Wheels On A Gravel Road, to face some ghosts and fears – and seems surprised to find “I’ve got nothing left to repent.”

May it be so for each of us.