Lake Street Dive  – Side Pony  (2016)
 * Edited because yesterday’s original wasn’t good enough to sleep on 🙂

Many of the older classic pop songs were built around sly double entendre, the saucy wordplay serving both to spice things up a bit and to help those without a voice get past the censors.

Named (with irony because that’s their way) for a dive bar district, Boston four-piece Lake Street Dive prompt an interesting question with Side Pony, their second major release: Why do modern divas, from Motown to Adele, act so subservient to their men in song?

Pony’s sound is the retro pop of Motown and Philly/Northern Soul, but you’ll not shed a tear over lost love or past mistakes here. Rachel Price is just fine on her own, with the occasional ‘side pony’ and the odd predictably doomed relationship – which, she hints, is the inevitable result when you take a man at his word.

So why don’t more women say so?