PJ Harvey – The Hope Six Demolition Project (2016)

pj harvey hopeAmerica is very good at sermonizing from a safe distance and damning by drone, the acerbic Brit has noticed, not so good at sharing it’s daily bread.

Believing Jesus walked on water doesn’t mean you can, she warns as she beckons Doubting Thomases along on fact-finding pilgrimages to Kosovo or Afghanistan and through a shithole slum lying in the shadow of the haughty Washington monuments, where a drug-addled, zombie flock does not vote and has no money and thus is of no use to Republicans or Democrats.

Harvey is musically fascinating and challenging as usual, although this one, her 7th, often requires imagining how she meant it to sound. So not as primal as usual, but still as insistent on an answer as a generation of young Bernie Sanders backers: wtf America?