Chip Taylor –  Little Brothers  (2016)

chip taylor little brothers

Famous brothers: Chip Taylor, actor Jon Voight and volcanologist Barry Voight.

Grandpa, now 76, sets on his porch with a well-worn guitar and probably a tall glass of lemonade and starts conversing on thoughts and remembrances as they come. Yawn, right? Please tell me to get off your &#@* grass. A brother’s golf trip, a dream he had, revisiting a Swedish resort, the grandkids; it’s great living history stuff to record for the family scrapbook before the old guy kicks it, but too amateur hour for public sharing.

Except if Grandpa is a Hall of Fame songwriter, because the muse still strikes and when it does, it’s stunning. As it does when he sings about his long-time wife Joan.

FORE: Taylor turned to music when golf didn’t work out and the passion remains. His next project is an EP called I’ll Carry For You about teenage golfing phenoms Brooke and Brittany Henderson (from my hometown Smith’s Falls, Ontario!) who caddy for each other. Brooke became the youngest to win the LPGA Championship in June… and won a car, which she gave to caddy Brittany.