August 18, 2019
Poor Gene made a habit of being in the right place at the wrong time; burning through bands and record labels faster than a tech startup bleeds money. At his best he was Gram Parsons, Dylan, Phil Ochs and John Hartford rolled up into one and at his worst, a sad drunk.
I could never find a chance to choose 
Between a way to win or a thing to lose 
                 – from Set You Free with The Byrds

♥ Most of these songs are available on studio albums. I chose a non-album version when it suited the song better.

♥ As you listen, note that Gene is/was one of the only folk/country songwriters to value bass players. This doesn’t get talked about enough.

♠ Byrds bandmate Roger McGuinn groused that Gene never read anything yet could be so poetic. Maybe that’s why he so often resorted to weather reports in his songs.