Leaving a good album in the booth is a crime. Getting it right can make a career. Just ask Carly Jamison


THE RECORDING PROCESS has two equal and important parts: the people who perform the songs and the men and women who record them. These are their stories:

Like Justin Bieber, New York singer-songwriter Carly Jamison posted videos and was discovered. (Her excellent website has all the details).

Jamison’s story is on a much more modest scale than Bieber’s, but illustrates better how absolutely critical it is for new bands to get the technical side right. The playlist above is two versions of Bring It On, the one she posted as A Girl And A Guitar and the one on last year’s debut album, Everything Happens For A Reason.

Producer Tres Sasser and mixer Vance Powell deserved their Grammy nominations for this and Richard Dodd, a past two-time Grammy winner, mastered the mastering.

Thoughts on the Grammys: A bit of praise, a bit of – objective, of course – bitching


I can’t argue with all the Adele awards. The Grammys are all about recognizing the kind of pop success she’s enjoyed this year, and there’s dim* wrong with that. 21‘s best songs are quality pop/retro soul, so well done all involved. (*nothing in Adele’s native Welsh)

I’m quite happy to see Foo Fighters clean up even though I’m too old for loud noises. Hard rock doesn’t usually do so well at the Grammys. Good for Kanye West, too. Pop always needs someone to keep everyone’s heads out of their own backsides.

And nice to see Corinne Bailey Rae, who’s had a rough go of things, noticed for her More

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