Trump brilliantly skewered in new song from Todd Rundgren and Donald Fagen. Not #FakeMusic

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Your #TinPodShuffle for Sunday, July 23 , 2017:

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Your weekly hour of music for your Sunday putters.

No links; I’m still on summer hours. But I had time to draft the following facetious note:

Broken Social Scene is a Toronto-based music collective. It had 19 members at last count, although attendance is not taken and administration is lax so no one knows for sure. I mention this because when someone brags that they know someone in a band, usually they are lying.¬†If, however, you know anyone in Toronto, anyone at all, odds are they actually are either in Broken Social Scene itself or a friend, partner, relative or co-worker of someone who is. Don’t judge.

Your #TinPodShuffle for Sunday, July 16 , 2017:

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Sorry, no links. On summer hours ūüôā

Your #TinPodShuffle for Sunday, July 9 , 2017:


Reviews, info & stuff: 6206 Ellen Ave. (When Josh Ritter and Bridget Matros were just kids), Marcia Ball, Yazoo, Nell Bryden, Chicano Batman, NEW Chuck Berry, Slaid Cleaves, Fishboy, Sweet Charles, Charly Bliss, American Aquarium, Pulp, Alela Diane, R.E.M., Inspiral Carpets, Shearwater

A special @Canada Day #TinPodShuffle for Saturday, July 1, 2017:

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This year’s #Canada Day marks 150 years since the Confederation of¬†British colonies Ontario, Quebec,¬†Nova Scotia, and¬†New Brunswick¬†became the nub of modern day Canada. Pales in comparison to the 20-30K years 1-2% of Canadians’ ancestors have been here, but we’re breaking out the 24’s today, Buddy, and I’ve got a tonne of great Canadian music on my iPod, eh.

Your #TinPodShuffle for Sunday, June 25, 2017:

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I massage the order just to feel involved, but otherwise it’s just like a sleep twitch.
Tune in a day early next week for a spirit of Canada playlist.¬†I got ya (you) an internet sensation (no, not that one), a boot (not aboot), a band (but not The Band), Frenching, cussing, bonecrunching Winnipeg dinosaurs young (a pun) and old … and all sorts of wonders from coast to coast to coast (and that’s a teaser, too). Hope you enjoy, eh – TCM

Your #TinPodShuffle for Sunday, June 18, 2017:

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I put my iPod on spin again so here’s your weekly playlist for your Sunday putters.

Reviews, info & stuff: Ad Libs, Bhi Bhiman, James Phelps, Red Elvises, Walkmen, NEW Sampha, NEW Laura Marling, NEW Sylvan Esso, Broken Bells, Agesandages, NEW Steve Earle & The Dukes, Taylor Swift, Dials (UK), NEW Aldous Harding, Cracker

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